Sharmeen Azmudeh, a.k.a "Meeny," is a free-spirited hairstylist who has a diverse background in the creative arts field. Very much starting out as a "jane of all trades," she has experience in all aspects of the beauty industry, including makeup for photoshoots, modeling, photography, fashion design, wardrobe styling, and most importantly hair styling, cutting and coloring.


     From a young age, Sharmeen has always delved into experimenting with new fashion, whether it be through her hairstyling, wardrobe, or eclectic taste in decor. Hairstyling is her number one passion, with her second love being one for animals. For many years, Sharmeen combined her creative styling with her love for dogs, and worked as a professional dog groomer hand-scissoring many prestigious show dogs. Now she has gone full force in the hair industry, focused in learning all hair textures and different methods of cutting and coloring, and styling techniques.


     Sharmeen is a combination of a quirky, fun-loving character with a diligent and hard working background. Hair is her life, not just her profession; therefore she always takes advantage of every opportunity she can partake in when it comes to furthering her education and expanding her horizons in terms of the beauty industry. Whether it be on set or working with private clientelle, Sharmeen is 100% focused on creating a work of art with her hairstyling.